From time to time, we will note here books and articles which seem to us to be significant. Our aim is to draw attention to publications which lie on the fringes of our field of study and practice (adult education, learning, extension, adult literacy and basic education and development), and which members of UppSem have been involved in.




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Three new publications:

Niranter Cover 

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Part I: Crucial Concepts in Ethnography, Literacy and Numeracy
Part II: Research Project Reports
Part III: Designing Material Based on Ethnographic Research

 Every Literacies in Africa Cover

Available from the publishers,  Fountains Press, Kampala or from Uppingham Seminars, 37 Mill Road South, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk IP33 3NN price £10 (inclusive of postage in UK).

 Hidden Literacies Cover

Available from Uppingham Press,  37 Mill Road South, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, UK IP33 3NN price £10,  postage extra. 


Copies of the following publications by Uppingham Seminars in Development under the impress of Uppingham Press may be downloaded from here. These publications will be aimed at the student market and at development practitioners and will be priced to enable many to obtain them.

Re-thinking Adult Literacy and Post-Literacy from an International Perspective (the Roby Kidd Memorial Lecture given in India October 2001 by Alan Rogers); ISBN 0 9542114 0 5. This was published by the Indian Adult Education Association in its journal in January 2002.

Kidd Publication

Partners in literacy: an attitudinal study of literacy animators in Tamil Nadu, India by Alan Rogers, M J Elias and Rajanidas ISBN 0-9542114-1-3. This was formerly published by Education for Development, Reading; it is a survey of literacy facilitators/animators in south India, their training and perceptions of themselves, their employers and their work.

Partners in Literacy Cover

Women, Literacy and Income Generation by Alan Rogers. This is a major review of many 'functional literacy' programmes for women, which combine literacy learning with training in income-generating skills. It has been widely cited as a leading publication in the field of literacy and livelihoods. Originally published by Education for Development in 1994, it has been updated.  Copies on disk may be obtained from Uppingham Seminars if you provide a postal address.

Women Literacy Income Generation


Teaching Adults in Extension: a short training booklet for extension workers discussing some of the characteristics of adult learners in extension programmes including literacy.

Teaching Adults in Extension Cover

Teaching Methods in Extension: an accompanying booklet for extension workers listing some of the more useful teaching-learning methods to be used in extension (including literacy learning programmes)


Teaching Methods in Extension Cover


What is the Difference? a new critique of adult learning and teaching, by Alan Rogers - a new study of the distinctiveness of adult learning and teaching; published by NIACE, Leicester 2003. ISBN 978 1 86201 184 7

Non-formal Education: flexible schooling or participatory education?by Alan Rogers, published in paperback by Comparative Education Research Centre of the University of Hong Kong and in hardback by Kluwer. The first full length study of NFE since 1990, it examines the origins of the concept of NFE, the debate about NFE and the key issues arising, and NFE as practised today in many countries, and finally it asks whether NFE as a concept is still useful or whether other discourses such as lifelong learning have rendered NFE a less than useful term. Very wide ranging. ISBN 962 8093 30 4. Price (paperback) $33. Orders from Emily Mang at

Women, literacy and development: alternative perspectives by edited Anna Robinson-Pant 2004 published by Routledge. ISBN 0415 32239-1; chapters by several UppSem participants. This collection of essays from India, El Salvador, Pakistan, Lesotho, South Africa, Uganda, Mexico and elsewhere all dealing with literacy and gender issues contains a general chapter by Brian Street on the implications of the New Literacy Studies for researching women's literacy programmes, an introduction by Anna Robinson-Pant and an Afterword by Lalage Bown. Essential reading.

Literacies across Educational Contexts, edited by Brian V Street 2005, published by Caslon Press, Philadelphia ISBN 0 9727507 2 X
Another collection of essays by practitioners and researchers into how the New Literacy studies will impact on education in a variety of contexts.

Urban Literacy: communication, learning and identity in development contextsedited by Alan Rogers 2005, published by UNESCO Institute of Education, Hamburg ISBN 92 820 1145 3
The papers from a two-year research project into literacy in urban contexts in developing countries. Case studies come from Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, Botswana, Nigeria, India, and the Philippines. There are two general chapters on literacy, language and numeracy, and a conclusion by the editor on issues relating to urbanisation and literacy. This is a pioneering study which should lead to a greater focus on the contextualisation of adult literacy learning programmes.

Adult Literacy as Social Practice: more than skillsUta Papen 2005 published by Routledge ISBN o-415-35377-7 (pbk). A splendid introduction to literacy as social practice from the Lancaster School. A must read.

Developing Adult Literacy by Juliet McCaffrey, Juliet Merrifield, Juliet Millican, 2007 Oxfam ISBN 978 0 85598 596 7 A practical handbook based on a wide reading of the literature and lots of practical experience. Well worth close examination.

Embedded literacies, by Alan Rogers, paper prepared for USAID in Afghanistan 2006 [Link to Embedded Literacies]

Women, Literacy and Citizenship, by Alan Rogers, paper prepared for conference on women and nation-building in Pakistan 2005, published in International Review of Education53: 159-181 [link]

Lifelong Learning and the absence of gender, by Alan Rogers, paper prepared for conference on adult education and gender 2004, published in International Journal of Educational Development26 (2) 2006: 189-208 See attached paper: [link to Gender.doc]. For the journal clickhere.

Alan Rogers, Aftab Uddin and Judy Hunter 'Adult learning and literacy learning for livelihoods: some international perspectives' 2007 Development in Practice 17.1: 137-146.

Encyclopedia of Language and Education (second edition) Volume 2: Literacy,edited by Brian Street and Nancy Hornburger New York: Springer 2008 articles by several UppSem participants include Brian Street and Alan Rogers (Informal learning and literacy)

Communicating with Non-Literates, by Alan Rogers, in Education for Millennium Development: essays in honour of Professor Michael Omolewa volume 1: 324-350 and Introduction ibid: xvii-xx.

Illiteracy and Development, paper by Alan Rogers prepared for the Enciclopedia Italiana Treccani Terzo millennio 2008 Rome (to be published in translation).